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The careful handling of eggs has been Zorel’s focus for over 15 years. Zorel ZR-20V is used for packing table eggs in egg trays of 10,12,15,20 and 30.

Easy to use
Precise moving of the eggs, easy handling and downward position correction are the main features of this egg packer. The Zorel ZR20V has an average capacity of 20,000 eggs per hour. Low operating costs ensure fast amortisation.

  • Reduces manual labour
  • Gentle transport of eggs thanks to vacuum system
  • Easy to use
  • For various types of trays in accordance with European standards

Zorel ZR20V new egg packing system is a different version of our ZR36 series egg packing systems. Our proven technology for careful egg packing into 30 egg trays with point down adjustment is fully retained. The system is combined with and a touch panel for modern machine control, easy operation and information access. Egg coding equipment and egg grading machine are optionally available integrated in the egg packer. The compact and flexible design of Zorel ZR20V egg packers makes daily egg collection a quick and convenient task on farms of all sizes. In addition, low energy consumption and operating costs ensure a quick return on investment.


  • Suitable for almost all types of egg trays (paper/plastic)
  • Different placement options are possible thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Ease of use
  • It fits in almost every egg room with its compact layout.
    Better results
  • > 99.6% downward correction
  • Precision egg transfer
  • Egg coding (Zorel ZRPMN6 series)
    Durable and low maintenance
  • Stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Durable materials and construction
  • Spare parts are easy to obtain
  • Fast return on investment

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